Plante yon Pye Bambou,Rekolte devlopman dirab, Pwoteksyon anviwonman epi Chanje lavi!


About Us


Bambou Facile is an agro-industrial nonprofit organization founded by Facile Jupille in January 2015. Our main activities are the promotion, and commercialization of bamboo by capitalizing on its versatility.

Our organization specializes in activities such as planting and utilization of this magnificent and versatile material. We have four years experience in the bamboo manufacturing field. Being pioneers in this field, we focus on taking existing environmentally friendly manufacturing methods to enhance the use of bamboo.

We have multiple locations in Haiti; Gonaives, Cap-Haitian, and Port-au-Prince.

Bambou Facile offer several bamboo solutions, our products stem from 20 bamboos, and we guarantee the quality of all of our products. From construction material to housing, office, and outdoor furniture all of our bamboo products undergo a stringent manufacturing process. 

Our bamboos go through a strict selection process after which every plant is immunized through our bouchere system. Through this system, we implement improvements to guarantee our clients a quality product, resistant from the environment and insects.

Our Mission

 Bambou Facile is working to increase the use of bamboo in Haiti for all areas of application, especially construction, to ensure sustainable socio-economic, infrastructural and environmental development 


We use our Bamboo to help make a social impact. We use our skills to promote affordable manufacturing, construction and environmental protection in Haiti.

Due to its many uses and economic importance, bamboo plays a noteworthy role in improving the livelihoods of the rural population. Much of the bamboo used in Haiti today is harvested by the people in the countryside, by women and children. Because of the scientific, environmental, economic and social importance of bamboo, it is essential that we developed a better strategy for sustainable management. Through our research and development, we are implementing new current technologies to harvest bamboo more efficiently.